WellTraxx Delivers Solutions for Manitoba Landowners and Rural Municipalities

For many Manitoba landowners and rural municipalities, the province’s booming oil and gas industry has created numerous opportunities and benefits. It has also created many challenges for those tasked with managing its growth on their land or within their municipal boundaries. One company is doing its best to deliver solutions to help meet those challenges.

WellTraxx Ltd. co-founders Kris Bower and Casey Ziegler began their careers in the energy industry as licensed land agents, acquiring surface leases and pipeline right of ways from landowners for oil and gas development. In 2009, they launched WellTraxx Ltd., an oil and gas asset management company designed to help landowners more effectively administer their oil and gas holdings. They extended their services to include rural municipalities with the development of WellTraxxRM, a software application born through a 2013 pilot project with three Saskatchewan municipalities. WellTraxxRM was officially launched in March 2014.

Kris Bower (left) and Casey Ziegler co-founded WellTraxx Ltd. in 2009

Kris Bower (left) and Casey Ziegler co-founded WellTraxx Ltd. in 2009

When it comes to managing oil and gas development, the challenges landowners and rural municipalities face are generally a result of the significant amount of paperwork and information they are dealing with. Without the proper tools to get the job done, it can quickly become overwhelming.

“For many of our clients, they were dealing with oil and gas development on this scale for the first time,” says Bower. “Yet there was no one out there offering them the assistance they needed or spending time with them to develop solutions that would simplify the whole process. Unfortunately, the only way to get the job done was the hard way.”

With WellTraxx, landowners can consolidate all of their important oil and gas agreement information into an online account. From there, the software does much of the work for them, tracking annual rental payments and alerting the landowner of time sensitive elements such as lease rental reviews or pipeline crop loss damages as they come due.

WellTraxxRM was designed on the same principles, allowing municipalities to map and track all licensed oil and gas facilities within their boundaries. Administrators are able to capture the details of all new development applications, streamlining the entire process so more time can be allocated to other areas of municipal business.

“What makes us unique is we’re not a software company,” explains Ziegler. “We use our energy industry experience to bring together the resources needed to help our clients meet real, everyday challenges that come with managing significant oil and gas development.”

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